Sometimes your drainage system can get a little messy, and you need some expert help to examine what exactly is going on. There may be various problems associated with the drainage system like, the drains have collapsed, there is tree root ingress, foreign objects or dirt has caused a blockage in the pipes, leakages, displacements and what not!

Opening up your entire drainage system to examine it is the opposite of what is wise, instead, you can get a London CCTV drain survey done without any hassle and get to the root of the problem.

During the CCTV drain survey, a CCTV camera is inserted into your drains which give live footage. Of the inside of your drainage system. This can be extremely useful to check any blockages, foreign objects, or leakage that may cause a problem in the system.

If you are moving into your new home, which has an old drainage system, it can be a wise decision to have a CCTV drainage survey done. This ensures that you have no problem with the drainage of your new home and you are well aware of everything before you sign the contract. Also, you can have a timely CCTV drainage service done to your homes if you think ok you may face trouble later.

How Is The CCTV Drain Survey Carried Out?

  • You have to call up and book a London CCTV drain survey for yourself. We will ask you for some details about your address, the preferred time, and other specifications during the booking process.
  • The drainage engineer will pay a visit to you at the pre-decided time and will discuss the issue with you
  • After analyzing the situation, the engineer will access your drainage system with the help of the types of equipment required to do so, which will also include a CCTV camera
  • This CCTV camera will stream live footage of the inside of your drains which the drainage engineer will carefully observe
  • The engineer will analyze the footage and conclude once the survey is over.

The best part about the process is that you get reliable results! The drainage engineer reports to you any issues that he finds during the CCTV drain survey. The survey has a graphic element and real-time motion video, making it the most reliable method of tracking down any drainage problems. If the issue can be resolved immediately, he will do so.

Otherwise, if the issue is more time-consuming or requires more complex machinery and manpower, you can fix an appointment later. This way, you can easily figure out and resolve any problem with your drainage system.


The usage of CCTV drain survey, will help in clearing of the drains and sorting your life 10x times indeed. When you carry out the process properly, then there is nothing which can stop in giving you the most reliable results. You can say a good time to the time-consuming methods.