There are numerous strategies and tactics to choose from when you decide to trade the markets. One such method is demo trading. Demo trading can be done using either paper money or real money, so being profitable in demos does not necessarily mean being profitable in live markets. This article will discuss some advantages of using a demo trading account in the UK.

Exposure to all types of financial instruments

The first advantage is that it exposes you to all types of financial instruments. Trading forex on demo allows for exposure to more than 60 pairs. In contrast, CFDs allow exposure to almost any traded asset worldwide (from indices and commodities like crude oil to metals like gold). Additionally, with the rich diversity of products in the demo market, you can test your trading strategies on a large number of instruments.

Experience all the features and functionalities without any risk

Another advantage is that it allows you to experience all the features and functionalities without risk. The platforms are so designed that they allow testing and learning. You benefit from their user-friendly interface, which includes fundamental analysis tools and technical analysis indicators. Plus, using this platform helps understand how news flows affect price movements in live markets when you switch over to actual trading.

Risk-free trading

Because there is no risk involved when demo trading, it also allows for an easy transition to live trading when one decides to make the change. This way, all losses of trades are due to your lousy judgement or tactics rather than the market conditions.

Better insight into risk and money management

Lastly, it allows for a much better insight into risk management and money management before taking your first steps in live trading. This is because demo accounts let traders trade with fake money before trading their capital. You can make several mistakes when using demo account money without losing any of your real cash. When the time comes to use real money, these mistakes will not be repeated, thus reducing the chances of losses significantly when you decide to switch from demo trading to live money. Demo Trading gives easy and safe access to Forex markets, so more and more traders prefer it as part of their learning process before going for full-time trading.

Here is what you can do with a demo account

1) You can test out new trading strategies without risking any capital. If the strategy doesn’t work for you, it will not cost anything.

2) It puts investors at ease knowing that they’re operating within the safety of a simulated exchange platform.

3) Trading bots (algorithmic trading software programs) are always better when backed by sufficient testing; demo accounts allow for this simulation.

4) The availability of virtual cash lets traders assess how much money they would have made or lost if they had traded on the market.

5) You can get used to the interface of the trading platform without having to act upon real-time price movements.

6) Upon setting up your demo account, you will likely be assigned a random set of credentials (username and password). Having these temporary details allows you to maintain anonymity until you reveal yourself as an experienced trader.


As we all know, everyone has unique skills and talents, and no one is the same. This goes for trading as well. For some, learning on a demo can be easy and advantageous over live market conditions. However, others who have a hard time grasping the concept of trading without losing real money find it challenging to master demo trading. To trade with comfort and confidence, choose a platform that provides you with the experience you need without putting your financial future at risk. We recommend using a reputable online broker like Saxo Bank and trying out their demo account for free; .read more here.