Did you know, just like UV rays from sunlight cause skin damage and also trigger premature aging in the same way; these rays have harmful effects on the eye as well. These UV rays are a part of electromagnetic radiation that causes serious damages to eye health. These rays might trigger cataracts in your eyes and can cause macular degeneration as well.

So, eye health becomes one of the important concerns in today’s world.

How to protect your eyes?

Just like covering our skin from cloth or sunscreen, as we step outdoors, in the same way, you must carry your sunglasses to protect your eyes from harmful UV rays. Sunglasses are the best option to block bright daylight unless you are a regular user of prescription glasses.

Regular sunglasses do not provide vision correction unless you are opting for prescription sunglasses. But it is also quite a daunting task when you have to keep switching between the clear prescription glasses for indoors and sunglasses.

The eyewear industry has provided an intelligent solution to make your experience seamless.

Photochromic lenses

These intelligent lenses work as clear lens prescription glasses, and as soon as you step out in the sun, they are transformed into sunglasses. These are clear in the absence of sunlight and go darker equivalent to the exposure of sunlight by 100% blocking UVA & UVB rays.

Benefits of using photochromic lenses

  • Expert protection from harmful UVA & UVB rays.
  • It provides a smooth transition from clear glasses to sunglasses.
  • It provides the much-required relief from eye strain and blurry vision.
  • It provides a quick fade-back speed.

It is your calling to switch to photochromic lenses to provide the best for your eye health.

Welcome to your 40s

Believe when we say crossing your 40s is fun, you get a license to boss around children, and it is never out of fun. When you enter your 40s, your eyes also start to age, making them lose their elasticity, and as soon as it happens, you find it quite difficult to read and even focus at some times, you may also find it difficult to look at a distance.

Well, there is nothing to be worried about, your body is going through changes, and it is quite easy to adapt to those. People generally shift to normal reading glasses or bifocal or varifocal glasses. You might experience occasional headaches, squinting of the eyes to focus, and even halo might appear around light and bulb. In such conditions, first, you must consult an expert regarding your eye requirement.

Just because you entered your 40s, that doesn’t mean you have to abandon style altogether. Aging with grace is what you need so you can get your reading glasses in the latest fashion, and you could slay every occasion with an unlimited collection of spectacles online.

Here we have brought a few suggestions to make your hunt for stylish reading glasses for men easier.

Aviators- Well, you should never fall back in style, so these glasses are something we say are a fashion statement in itself and never fails to disappoint. So, if you are looking to give yourself a change then get yourself aviator glasses.

Round glasses- Don’t go by their name; these glasses are no more associated with old age; it is more of a retro now and highly in demand. So, keep these glasses on top for your reading needs.

Square oversized glasses- Oversized has been taking over the trend now more than ever, and it is something that you must consider adding to your list. Square is a shape that would go perfect if you have an oval or round face so give yourself a new touch.