Giving flowers to the sick has been a tradition for more years than anyone can count. It should not surprise us, flowers were always a symbol of appreciation and affection, so they are ideal for making a gift. Plus, they are pretty and smell good, which makes them perfect for trying to make someone feel better. But perhaps there is something else behind the tradition of giving flowers when someone is sick.

The benefits of flowers

Some years ago, some doctors opposed the idea of ​​bringing flowers to the sick in hospitals because it was thought that they could accelerate infections or compete for the patient’s oxygen. But after many studies, it was concluded that these fears were completely unfounded and that there is no danger in bringing flowers to hospitals. What’s more, the benefits of doing them far outweigh any disadvantages. It turns out that flowers can have a very positive effect on sick people and even speed up their recovery.

Flowers have a relaxing effect on people that helps reduce stress and anxiety. It is not necessary to clarify that sick people need tranquility and peace of mind to recover. Also, flowers improve our moods considerably, and when one is sick, one really needs an excuse to smile. What’s more, when you give flowers to a sick person and he or she can see them every day, it is a reminder of your support and love.

On the other hand, the flowers are not only pretty but are also scented. This means that they help to scent the room in a completely natural way, without aerosols. This is particularly beneficial when someone is sick, as it helps mask the typical “hospital smell” that can be so depressing. When a person feels comfortable and content, it is much easier for his body to fight whatever disease is attacking him at the moment.

But the effect of the flowers is much more tangible. According to some studies, giving flowers to someone who is sick can improve their tolerance for pain. In fact, patients recovering in a room with flowers used fewer pain relievers than patients without flowers. Furthermore, studies have revealed that patients who have plants and flowers in their rooms have better heart health than those who do not. That is why it is important to give flowers to the patients. Moyses Stevens gives you the fastest gift delivery service in London and the UK to help loved ones who are sick.

In short, we give flowers to sick people to show our affection. To tell you, with a small gesture, that we are here to support you. To make their day and to help them improve much faster.