As you watch the Instagram profiles of nail artists, have you ever wondered how these beautiful, well-groomed women manage to combine family and work so skillfully while making an unprecedented profit from banal drawings on clients’ nails? Logically, the question arises – how to become a master of manicure and make money on your favorite thing? Find the answer to it in our informative article.

It is important to note that in the last few years, women approach manicures more consciously. You have probably also noticed fragile short nails on the hands of your friends or colleagues at work. This trend is caused not least by the desire to have healthy nails. Hence a series of design ideas for short and very short nails. In our time, wildly developed social networks, the master needs to follow all new trends.

The mobile nail technician London disinfects tools, hygienically cleans nails, removes roughness and cuticles, gives nails a beautiful shape, and applies varnish. He does all this with a special device or tools. Even a manicurist can artificially increase the length of the nail with plastic blanks, acrylic, or gel. At the request of the client, the manicure is supplemented with hand baths, massage.

Manicure, like any other job, requires constant improvement and learning, dedication, and discipline. Many girls, living their dreams, go to courses and even open a beauty salon at home, which ceases to exist in a maximum of a year, and this is in 90% of cases. It’s time to take off your rose-colored glasses and make sure you really want to be a master by plowing for 10 hours a day, at least until you get your hands on it and acquire a large client base to keep the studio financially stable.