Link building has become a serious business these days. It has been around more than a decade since link building was in existence and the techniques used for link building have evolved as time passed. You could make use of various methods to build links. However, everything would turn out to be overwhelming if you try to use all the techniques at once. However, if you are looking for PerfectLinkBuilding SEO Packages UK is the right choice for you.

As making use of all techniques at once might be a daunting task, most SEO agencies keep things simple. Glance through the list of efficient link building techniques that white label SEO agencies widely use.

  • Competitor Analysis:- It is one of the easiest and most effective ways to build links. Competitor analysis could be a step by step process that is sure to work out. The initial thing to do is to identify the competitors. You could pick the first 100 keywords that generate the highest ROI and look for the websites that rank for those keywords. You could opt for the first three competitors to make things simple. Once you come to know about the competitors, you could make use of various tools that are available online to find out the source of quality links. All backlinks might not be useful to you. Hence, you could filter the links based on your niche market. You should also figure out various factors such as the domain authority of the competitor so that you get a clear picture of how you proceed further. Various tools could help you find the links on competitors’ pages.
  • Once you identify the links as well as their sources, you could easily check the domain authority of the source and add the links to your website after getting in touch with the webmaster of the link. You can create a list of the sources in an excel sheet from where you could get the links. You can then collect information about the source such as the webmaster’s name, email address and so on so that you could reach out to get backlinks. Once you have all the information, you could send a custom email mentioning the name of the webmaster and request a backlink. Be specific to the point when you draft the email. Once you send the email, you would have sources you have reached out to. If you have picked the websites after analysing, you would gain a couple of backlinks with this link building tactic.
  • Guest Posts:- If you are ready to write high-quality content for link building, guest posting could be a good way to do so. Guest posting allows publishing relevant content on niche related websites and gaining quality backlinks.
  • Infographics:- They could be one of the best ways to attract a larger audience. It is a proven fact that pictographic information wins over simple and plain text. A graphic designer could help in building high-quality backlinks with the help of infographics. The crucial step in getting backlinks is by promoting infographics in the right way. To achieve better results, you could share the infographics through all social media platforms of the brand.
  • Image Link Building:- Building links on images would be effective and useful if you have many pictures on the website, especially of the brand. If you have the resources, you could take photos from there as B2C companies have the option to take pictures of their products and services if they are distributors or retailers. If you own a B2B company, you could take photographs of your products along with your employees. There is also an option to ask the customers to get photographed while using your services. Other than the images, you could create infographics, icons or charts. However, make sure that whatever design you might create, it should look unique so that no one could claim ownership of it.
  • Tactics of Image Link Building:- Some various tactics and methods help in image link building. One of the effective tactics could be a reclamation of the image link. To begin with an image link building campaign, an inventory of images should be created. You could make use of the photos of your products or logos, pictures of the business or employees or blog banners. Lookup for websites that make use of such images. You could do a reverse image search to find such websites. Upload the image or out the URL of the image. Once it is in place, the tool would search for images similar to the uploaded picture along with the names of other websites that have used the picture. You could reach out to those websites via email and request them to link back your website to the images they have used.
  • Promote the Infographics:- Infographics remain on top when it comes to link building strategy. There are various ways to build links with the help of infographics.
  • Picking a Topic:- Selecting the right subject for your infographic is the first step to implement which makes it highly linkable. Make sure that you find a topic that would evoke interest among the readers. You could also consider the issues on which the other websites have already created infographics.
  • Quick Research Never Hurts:- Once you select the topic, perform quick research in creating an outline that would help you in using the information you might need to add to the infographic.
  • Prepare the Infographic:- You could make use of the information available to you while writing the infographic. You might require some information. You could go back to researching and balance all the data available to you. However, make sure that the information is simple and easy to understand.
  • Create the Design:- Before you begin with the designing process, you should research ways to visually translate the information. You could make use of all elements efficiently to tell the story logically. You can add the company logo and contact details in the infographics.
  • Publish & Promote:- Upload the design and include the embed code beneath it when you publish so that other websites would be encouraged to credit you with the link. You could use tools to create embed code for the infographic.
  • You could promote the infographic on all the social media channels to earn natural links to your infographic.
  • Submit the Infographic:- Various free infographics websites help in promoting the infographic and gaining a link for the same. You could make use of such websites and submit the infographic in exchange for the link.