Despite technical advancements, it is very common to watch the pipes or the drains getting blocked. This is witnessed all over the globe, in every place, in homes, no matter what. However, if there is a problem, there is a solution as well? To overcome the problem of blocked drains, drain cleaning is done. Drain cleaning refers to the clearance of drains which involves using some chemicals to eliminate the blockage of the waste carrying pipes or drains.

A plethora of equipment is used to clean the drains. Out of which, the most commonly preferred and effective method is the use of a picote cutter. Its flexibility allows it to perform wonders. It has also been observed that it can fit any diameters. The designs of these miller machines are remarkable. Undoubtedly, they are safe and do not need much maintenance.

Interestingly, the picote cutter works well with the water. Nevertheless, it has come into consideration that it does not go well with oil, hot water, fat. Along with this, different kinds of accessories can be attached to it. To embark upon its types, it can be classified into three types:

  • The Twister Ranges: This one is used to connect drains.
  • Maxi Power Plus Cutter Range: This cutter is the sharpest of all. Not to mention, it is also not so heavy.
  • Maxi Miller Power Plus Twister Express: This is the fastest cutter among all the modern cutters.

On the other hand, the cheapest and the most accessible tool for drain cleaning is pitch fibre drains. It has been observed that pitch fibre drain is made from wood cellulose infused with coal tar. Along with the coal tar, asbestos is also added to make it stronger. However, only some of the manufacturers do this.


These pipes came into existence during the mid-nineties around the 1960s in the UK. Nevertheless, in the USA and Canada, they came a little early. The 1890s, to be exact.


 Interestingly, professionals consider pitch fibre drain to be dangerous. It is because it is prone to damage. It has also come into attention that if it is left as and however it is or was. It would result in no further damages.


To add to it, pitch fibre drain is very lightweight and very easy to deal with. Moreover, some experts state that the lifespan of pitch fibre drain was nearly 40 years. It is important to note that it needs to be repaired before it can cause further damage.


The installation of pitch fibre drain requires fewer efforts. Additionally, the installation does not take much time. It is not first, it was considered to be a modern tool but it turns out to be a disastrous one. The repairs and the maintenance it cost its customer are beyond what is known as reasonable or affordable. It brings along two big problems. First and foremost, being the fact that the pitch fibre drains can easily collapse at any random time, without any warnings. Secondly, the root access in pitch fibre drains.