Presenting fresh blooms to someone is a truly outstanding option to let them know you’re keeping them in your mind. Distinct plants have versatile meanings. The idea of researching the meaning of these floral wonders turned into floriography, which was started during the Victorian era. Back then, people purchased flowers to show off their feelings like love, passion, or admiration without saying anything. Our creative team promises thinking of you flowers delivery in UK, thus guaranteeing you stunning floral arrangements that are genuinely outstanding for sending thinking about you flowers.

Carnations – the symbols of gratitude and messengers of deep love

Fluffy and softly smelling carnations are the beneficial choice to show love, admiration, and affection to the person you give them to. You can enhance a bouquet, while adding these flowers for thinking of you that are personally delivered, or you can combine them specifically with hydrangeas and lilies. Carnations vary in colors, and each shade can be the messenger of distinct emotions. For instance, red carnations primarily represent deep love and warm feelings, while pink ones might symbolize gratitude and friendship. So, you are free to choose the color that matches those feelings you are going to show off!

Roses – a customary choice for all times

Is there any bloom in the world that everyone recognizes more than a rose? An amazing and vibrant bunch of roses with long stems is an iconic way to make your loved ones blissfully happy and show them you appreciation, it doesn’t matter whatever you give it for, be it a special event or just an ordinary day. Once you think that roses are the wonderful choice for giving them as flowers thinking of you, just keep in mind that they come in versatile color shades, and each color carries its own meaning. For instance, red ones are more acceptable to show off your love, while white ones are more to express warm friendly feelings. So, giving roses is a classic gesture that adds that extra beauty and thoughtfulness to any event, anniversary or even small party you want to make special and unforgettable.

Orchids – fresh greenery to show your care and appreciation

Lively and colorful orchids from far-off places have plenty of versatile shades and show feelings of love and strength. When you choose this special thinking of you flower and combine it together with another fresh greenery and other bright-colored hues, you make a truly creative arrangement that your loved one will really value. Orchids are fascinating hence they vary a lot, each with its own charm. Some of them have extraordinarily elegant petals, while others have vibrant, bold colors. Not only do orchids bring charm, but they additionally last a long time, and this feature makes them a lasting reminder of your love and support.

How to arrange a creative and colorful floral mix?

Doesn’t matter, if you’re far away or just around the corner from your soulmate, seeking the right florist is a terrific chance to let your darlings know you’re thinking about them. You can make the moment even more special by choosing the iconic floral just following the easy process of flowers delivery in UK (check

Look through our rich assortment

At MyFlowers, we promise dozens of carefully and creatively arranged bouquets that are sure to let your loved one know you care a lot. You can choose from a rich assortment with favorite flowers such as roses, dahlias, lilies, and orchids. If you are willing to grab something special, you can also talk to our team, and they can make a custom arrangement just for you.

Leave a meaningful note

Once you finish your order, just pause for a moment to write a sincere note messaging warm feeling. This way, your beloved one will know who sent them these gorgeous blooms and can say thanks.

Arrange delivery date

Getting flowers from MyFlowers is genuinely easy. Just arrange the date you are willing, and you can get them delivered the same day or the next day through our local florist network. It’s super convenient!

Enjoy the bundle from our seasoned team of florists

Now, just relax and wait for the blooms to show up at your special someone’s doorstep.